Is Social Media Destroying Our Ability To Be Social?

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Do you ever find yourself sitting at home on a Friday night after a long day at your boring job, scrolling through Facebook and wondering to yourself if there is anything more to life?

Social media is an amazing tool that was supposedly designed to help us connect with each other and keep up with friends. It’s supposed to help us share our experiences in order to feel closer to our friends and family with whom we often neglect in order to pursue our own lives.

How Facebook Is Making Us Depressed

Our inner narcissist gloats after posting that picture of a recent achievement as the likes flow in from old school friends, family members and co-workers. At first it feels amazing, but as you continue scrolling through Facebook you start to notice something.

All of your friends on Facebook seem to have AMAZING lives! Weddings, vacations, achievements, cute baby pics, people buying houses and boats and cars – all of them getting TONNES of likes! Meanwhile your measly achievement with 20 likes suddenly feels much less exciting…

Social Media

This is my problem with social media – it all seems so impersonal. We compare our day to day lives with everyone else’s highlight reels, liking pictures and statuses with barely more than a quick pause.

When was the last time we actually spoke to these people? When was the last time we had an ACTUAL conversation with them?

As the technology grows, our social interaction deteriorates. Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram provide even easier ways to connect with a quick picture or a few short words to portray intricate thoughts and feelings, briefly thought out in between episodes of the latest show on Netflix.

As we crave more and more interaction, we begin sharing funny videos and memes in place of real life achievements, just to get a few more likes and shares.

What Can We Do To Fix The Problem?

Human beings are social creatures, we need to think and interact and feel in order to be fulfilled and grow – instead we are being drowned in instant gratification, seeing social interaction as an obligation that can be filled by clicking like on a picture on the Internet or tagging a friend in a meme.

Our ability to think is being restricted and our desire to interact is being subdued by over saturated and artificially inflated micro interactions that are designed to satisfy our cravings for social interaction whilst simultaneously leaving us wanting more.

I made this blog as a challenge not only to myself but to others, to bring back intellectualism. I am sick of satisfying my desire for instant social gratification with memes and social media. I am sick of looking at life through my smart phone.

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I want to learn more about life. I want to start a proper, well thought out discussion. I want to expand and challenge my views. I plan on using this blog as a creative outlet to show people what I am thinking and doing and to get feedback from others.

My hope is to learn how to think again by writing things down. When you actually put your thoughts down on paper (especially for an audience), it forces you to think through things completely. It makes you realize that you always have much more to learn, and it results in a clearer understanding of ideas.

In the process of this self exploratory adventure, I hope to help others achieve similar results and inspire them to do more with their lives.

Please Tell Me Your Thoughts

What do you think about social media, is it a harmless way to keep up with friends or is it something more sinister, designed to keep us scrolling longer and longer?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue. Please let me know what you think in the comments below – help combat the problem by commenting your thoughts, or shoot me an email via my contact page.

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